Work With Coach Cat

Individual Fitness Coaching (personal training)

My specialities:

*Women that are coming back from some time away from fitness:  be it having a baby, job stress or family stress that caused you to stop exercising.

*Beginners that are intimidated by exercise and need a non-threatening entry into the fitness world.

*Individuals with medical concerns — i.e., coming back from surgery, older adults, and pre and post bariatric surgery.

*Those that are interested in kettlebells and want technique refinement.

I will help you find your inner and outer badass — it’s in there, trust me! I use kettlebells, barbells, bodyweight and some accessories. We’ll gain strength, lose fat (if that’s your goal) and get your cardiovascular system in top notch shape!

Personal training sessions are held at Fitness Urbano in Potrero Hill on Missouri Street at 18th. Or, in my home garage gym in Brisbane, CA. Since outdoor training was my entry into fitness, I still train a few clients outside. I come to you in Southern San Francisco neighborhoods (Mission Bay, Bernal Heights, Potrero Hill, the Mission).

Investment:  $85 per session (with discounts for those that come to my home gym). Minimum of 3 sessions per month.

Program Creation

Do you want an exercise plan customized to your needs? A program can be created based around your needs, goals and access to equipment. This is great for those that are DIY’ers (or those that live far away) but want a professional touch to their workout plan. Program will be built for 3-months and includes a 30-minute phone consultation to get to know you.

Investment:  $125 first time, $75 for subsequent programs

Love Yourself Lean Nutrition Program  Available Now. Click Here For More Info & To Buy

I offer two versions of my nutrition program a DIY version and a supported-group-coaching version. This is not a diet, but a process where you learn and adopt healthy eating habits to lean out and stay that way for a lifetime. Client-tested, client approved!


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