No need to take my word for it, these are what my clients have said about me!

“I learn something in every session.” -Patty

“I’m so much stronger in my thirties than I ever was in my teens and twenties!”  – Giang

“I think your specialty is that you are able to take the intimidation away from fitness (and from the perceived judgment that comes with it) and just jump right in and do it. Like so many others, myself included, all we needed was a positive fitness experience to keep coming back and to realize that there is nothing to be intimidated about. You’ve changed my mindset and how I view fitness.”  -Jesse

“I think that the area that you have helped with me with the most is pushing me outside of my comfort zone. You intertwine the exercises that I dislike or would never do on my own with those that I like/those that come easier to me.” -Kate

“No one compares to you and how you kept things always so new and fun so you set the bar really high! We never really knew what to expect.  We had workouts we knew of, but how you mixed it up was unexpected and fun.  The hour would pass by so quickly.”  -Christina

“Thank you for pushing me and kicking my butt…I’m know I’m a lot slower that the rest of the class and hope the new instructor is as patient as you are with me!” – Lorena


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