My Manifesto

Hello out there! Welcome to my little piece of the internet. Here, you’ll find some historical posts from previous blogs I’ve had so you can get to me know me a little bit. But this post? This is my first post hereTo learn a little bit more about me, please click here. But for now, here is my manifesto. This is a big part of my WHY. As in, why I am here, taking up space on the internet. I hope you come back for more!

But, for now, let me take a minute to tell you how I really feel:  I don’t believe in fitness dogma. I don’t believe that if you ONLY do pilates that your life will be saved, or that if you lift heavy weights the keys to the universe will suddenly be given to you, the heavens will open up and Mark Rippetoe will appear, giving you a slight nod of approval. I wholeheartedly believe that many things have their place in the fitness world. They each serve a purpose. They speak to some people, they literally save peoples lives. But, not everything speaks to everyone and that’s okay. Because the best workout is the one you enjoy doing…but also the one that gives you the results you seek. 

One thing I have struggled with for years in the fitness industry, is the pressure to adhere to one school of thought. You either are a heavy lift proponent or you’re not. You’re a yogi or you’re not. You’re a runner or you’re not. It’s black or white:  if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. Right?

For me, in terms of fitness modalities, that’s wrong.

Because I stand for a lot of things. I like to lift heavy weights…some days. Some days I want to take my dog for a run and stop to smell the roses along the way. Some days I want to spint up that damn hill three times, the last one faster than the first. Most days I want to just do some HIIT in my garage. And on some days, I want nothing more than to down-dog my heart out, sprinkled with some nice long pigeon poses.

But mostly, I stand for consistency. For doing SOMETHING. Because what matters, to me, is that I’m moving. And I’m moving often. I’m varying my routine. There is definitely a method to my madness:  I’m getting my heart rate up. I’m doing strength work. I’m working on mobility. And each week I’m thinking about what muscles I’m using in all the different things I’m doing…and adjust accordingly. I’m thinking about how my body feels on a daily basis. I am not going to go for a run on a day that my foot is aching. I’m simply not going to take that risk. I don’t think training through injury is anything to be proud of — why do we need to repeat this, oh yeah…we are humans and I believe that there is too much chatter out there about meeting your goals at all costs.

But let’s not confuse what I’m saying for being lazy. For giving yourself the easy way out. What I’m taking about is being mindful about your training.  And being mindful does not mean that I’m not working hard. Remember, there is a method to the madness. And the method includes lots of sweating, being hyper aware of my body, external circumstances and the ability to amass more fitness clothes than street clothes in the dirty laundry every single damn week.

The bottom line? Anyone that tells you they have a magical program is wrong. Not because the programs are bad nor effective, but basically because no program is magic. Unless that program was designed just for you, or has room in the program built into it for modifications that work for you. You’re a super unique snowflake and so am I. Yes, I mean that slightly tongue in check, but not 100% so. Because, honestly the magic is not in the program; the magic is inside of you.

Let’s figure out your unique program together. Please follow along with me and on April 30th, I’ll be launching my first Just Like Recess program. It will be a custom program tailored to you. Yup, just for you. For reals. Please follow along for more info on the program, for free workouts and more of my thoughts on fitness, health, mental well-being and more.We’re going to exercise like we mean it. We’re going to live life like we mean it. Join me.


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