IDEA Convention 2013: An Ode to Inspiration and Commitment

This past weekend I was in a fitness wonderland. We did push-ups, squats and burpees many times over and over…and over and over.


If you’ve ever been a client of a trainer and felt that you wanted a bit of retribution for all the pain they inflict on you:  well, you missed it, but I saw your retribution this weekend! All over the conference, I saw trainers that were sore, tired and flopping around like dead fish on a beach all because they were working their butts off so hard, all weekend. And they were doing it all in the name of learning, trying to become better at their craft, their profession, for you, their client.

This was inspiring to me.

Most of my sessions were inspiring, also. I learned a few tips and tricks from a pilates session on how to perfect form in these very subtle movements that will make your inner thighs sore for days. I learned about meditation and how these principles can be applied to training and also how to simply apply it in my life to make me a better and more grounded trainer. I learned some new partner based exercises and circuits to make my classes that much more fun and engaging. I learned about BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor) and about the immense power that exercise has on the brain (we grow neurons! we create new dendritic branching! we get…smarter!)*. And I learned some awesome techniques on rolling from the Trigger Point Performance folks that my calves are supremely grateful for and has me inspired to start teaching stretching/rolling workshops! (TBD)


And I won two Inspiration medals. Man, that felt…good. They give one out in most of the sessions at the discretion of the presenter (this also enters you in a drawing for some big prizes at the end of the conference, I didn’t win any of those). I won the first medal in my second session of the conference. It was a rowing session (IndoRow) and Jay Blahnik gave it to me! Pretty rad. And then, Jay gave me another one in my very last session of the conference that was a huge session on games (very, very BootCamp relevant)! I have no idea what I did to get the second one — the rowing one made sense because I’m very competitive with rowing in particular and was feeling on fire during that session trying to pump up my team and all, but not so sure about the second one. But, whatever it was that made him notice me, I am grateful and felt very honored. It really made my day/week/conference. Thanks Jay!


I had been wishy-washy about whether or not I should attend IDEA this year. I went in 2012 and felt just okay about it all, but that was likely due to being distracted by some stuff going in my personal life. This year, I took the opportunity to attend and fully embraced it. I attended every session with gusto, with my notepad in hand, and ready to learn.

And isn’t funny how when you fully commit to something how much better it makes the experience? Isn’t it funny how you get just that much more out of it?

Hmmm….I wonder what I could compare that to? 😉

Maybe sort of like committing to your workouts? Hmmm? Yes, my friends, when you show up with a commitment to your workout, to yourself, you just might find that it translates to a better experience and workout. Try it. Make this coming week a commitment week and see how it goes!

*I wrote a little more in-depth about my brain session, here.


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